UMAR – Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay

UMAR flying tethered from truck  UMAR at sunrise Tethered UAS in marine environment UMAR Tether UAS landing on boat


Tethered UAS for Vehicles, Boats and Ships

The Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay (UMAR) is a tethered drone that lifts payloads, such as communication antennas up to 500+ ft. with 400+ hr. endurance.

  • ALL power and comms delivered through tether. Tether provides 24/7 power & secure comms for long-endurance flight.
  • UMAR performs automatic takeoff, flying, following, and landing on host platform (truck, trailer, boat, ship or other vessels).
  • Can takeoff/land while moving - No special ship motion required.
  • UMAR can be used as a mobile mast or stationary tower.
  • Minimal operator control with simple push-button operation.
    • Takeoff, change altitude, land commands.
  • Data link cannot be jammed or hacked into.
  • Physical: One small sea container. Crane on, tie down.
  • Battery backup
  • Hot, humid, salt spray, all-weather solution for maritime use
  • Rain, light snow, fresh-water rinse
  • Land on moving platforms: With advanced technologies, the UMAR can land on pitching, heaving, and rolling platforms at speeds in excess of 20 MPH.
  • No helium required!

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UMAR Tether Drone fresh water rinse