UMAR – Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay


Large Tethered UAS for Vehicles, Boats and Ships

The Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay (UMAR) is a tethered drone that lifts payloads, such as communication antennas up to 500+ ft. with 400+ hr. endurance. Just by lifting up an antenna, the UMAR system can extend boat/ship radio line of site from 8 miles to 30 miles!

Use Cases

  • Maritime Broadband Communication
  • Emergency portable cell phone tower
  • Port/stadium security
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Radio range extension of unmanned boats and ground vehicles
  • Telecommunications
  • Long endurance environmental assessments & surveys

UMAR Benefits

  • ALL power and comms delivered through tether. Tether provides 24/7 power & secure comms for long-endurance flight.
  • UMAR performs automatic takeoff, flying, following, and landing on host platform (truck, trailer, boat, ship or other vessels).
  • Can takeoff/land while moving - No special ship motion required.
  • UMAR can be used as a mobile mast or stationary tower.
  • Minimal operator control with simple push-button operation.
    • Takeoff, change altitude, land commands.
  • Data link cannot be jammed or hacked into.
  • Physical: One small sea container. Crane on, tie down.
  • Battery backup
  • Hot, humid, salt spray, all-weather solution for maritime use
  • Rain, light snow, fresh-water rinse
  • Land on moving platforms: With advanced technologies, the UMAR can land on pitching, heaving, and rolling platforms at speeds in excess of 20 MPH.
  • No helium required!

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