Payload Integration

DPI can recommend cost-effective payloads with cutting edge capabilities and advanced technologies appropriate for your application. With DPI UAVs, you can mount multiple payloads in various configurations to meet your industry or application needs.

DPI has integrated various payloads depending upon customer requirements. We are able to tailor the UAV to meet your unique mission needs and requirements.

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Sensor Suites

  • Acoustic and Ultrasonic
  • Digital Cameras
  • IR
  • Lasers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Magnetometers
  • Radar
  • Scanning LIDAR
  • Stereo Cameras
  • Additional packages upon request
Communication Packages

  • Communication relay
  • A high-bandwidth, encrypted communication link
  • Mesh radios
  • Point-to-point
  • Various communication packages available
Supply & Drop Configurations

  • Internal and external cargo configurations
  • Custom configurations include rackable mounts, custom hard points, sling load, winch, outriggers, liquid tanks, camelback, wet wing, additional fuel tanks, and remote payload release capability.