DPI Performs Successful NAMC Demonstration at VTTI For Tether UAS

PHILADELPHIA, PA – August 1, 2020 – DPI UAV Systems (Dragonfly Pictures, Inc.) performed market research test and evaluation flights of the tethered UAS (TUAS) for the National Advanced Mobility Consortium. The event was hosted at the Virginia Tech Transpiration Institute (VTTI).

Data was collected to determine the current state of the art and create paths forward to mature systems and sub-systems. The event will support future efforts under the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Ground Vehicle Systems Center, Ground Vehicle Robotics.

During the event, DPI demonstrating takeoff/landing/following while on the move on both smooth and rugged terrain. These flights required the TUAS to navigate on a variety of surface conditions ranging from smooth straight roads, to gravel, and dirt/trails.

TUAS on both manned/unmanned platforms will provide the DoD with future capabilities of extended range high bandwidth communications, increased situational awareness, and persistent over-watch with a day/night camera. The tether allows for continuous flight, without the need to charge/change batteries.