Tandem UAS for Cargo

Cargo UAS, like the DP-14 Tandem UAS, provide high capacity cargo/logistics with internal storage, long duration, and vertical takeoff/landing capability.

Tether UAS for Persistent Cameras and Extended Communications

Tethered UAS are electrically connected to the ground. This allows the UAS to fly nearly indefinitely. A tether drone acts as portable mast or instant tower to provide ISR, communications, and video for commercial, military and security services. DPI tethered drones can fly and follow host platforms including: ships, boats, trucks, and unmanned ground vehicles. These rugged aircraft are designed for the marine/maritime environment. A simple user interface reduces operator workload while vastly increasing mission capability.

DP-14 Cargo UAS

Tether UAS UMAR Sunrise
UMAR Maritime Communications
LANTERN follows host platform up to 25 MPH

The DPI Difference

DPI products are custom built UAS solutions for our customers. Our product lines span between free-flight tandem UAS to tethered UAS. DPI designs, builds and tests autonomous unmanned helicopters. Since 1992, our professional and consistent experience provides clients with reliable aircraft and component design services. These services include aerodynamic performance, structural design, electrical system design, and automation.

UAS Design & Test Services

Using a long legacy and history of UAS, we have developed rigorous test processes, equipment, and facilities. DPI is uniquely positioned to provide rapid, robust, cost-effective engineering design, prototyping, and test for UAVs.

Payload Integration

DPI has integrated radios, LIDAR, EO/IR sensors, 3D acoustic sensors, magnetic anomaly detectors, and others to meet complex customer needs. Each customer-specific payload requires mechanical mounting/damping, software, electrical, shielding, and serial/Ethernet communications for optimal system performance. This tight UAS/payload integration provides the customer with better data and superior results.