Flight Services

DP-12 Rhino Tandem Tactical UAV

DPI offers a family of advanced UAV in sizes and weight classes that range from microUAV to rotorcraft capable of 430-lbs payload.

Our UAV are small, fast, agile, transportable, and autonomous, with powerful on-board computers and large payload capabilities. With intelligent path planning, advanced perception, and cutting-edge obstacle avoidance, they are designed to operate in close, complex environments. Intelligent landing-site selection allows them to self-land (and launch) from unprepared terrain, including fields, small clearings, uneven ground, icy roads, rooftops, and even the bed of a utility trailer or pick-up truck. This makes them ideal for flight services in remote areas and complex terrain where you might not have access to a runway.

With a family of differently sized UAVs, our extensive test facility, and access to two restricted airspace flight ranges, DPI can also flight test and validate your sensors and automation systems for range, endurance, payload requirements, and other specs. In addition, we can use our fleet of robust UAV with advanced sensors and comm relays to demonstrate and/or develop your concepts of operations (con-ops).

DPI flight services are available for:
• Commercial
• Government
• Military

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