Flight Test

flight-testTest flights are typically used to:

  • Validate the UAV’s flying qualities, performance, and structural integrity.
  • Evaluate newly developed subsystems.
  • Evaluate the integration of subsystems with the aircraft.

UAV flight tests help manufacturers evaluate new vehicle concepts using small, unpowered, remotely controlled, proof-of-concept drop models to support unmanned vehicle technology.

DPI has developed and tested many proof of concept vehicles, demonstrating advanced technology in terms of high performance, low Reynolds number aerodynamics, and multi-mission capabilities.




UAV Handling Test & Evaluation

Handling quality is typically a subjective measure. Handling quality is evaluated based on maneuvers such as response during low speed flight, cruise flight, pitch and yaw doublets, figure eights, and windup turns.  Telemetry data is then evaluated further after the flight test to identify more details of handling qualities.


Coordination with Other Agencies

Safety briefing for DPI DP-12 Rhino test flight

Safety briefing for DPI DP-12 Rhino test flight

Flight testing can be complex, and typically involves more than one agency. DPI has successfully planned and conducted flight tests for DARPA, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR), and others.

With access to two restricted airspace test ranges, DPI can coordinate and/or conduct flight testing for your UAV, including:

  • Select an appropriate flight range
  • Establish a safety plan
  • Create the test plan
  • Produce test scripts
  • Communicate with the Range Officer and Airspace Manager
  • Coordinate with the UAV engineer(s), program manager, head engineer, and safety pilot



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