Small, Quiet, Precision UAV

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DP-6XT Whisper: Key Capabilities

  • Quiet, electric motor on tandem design. No fuel required.
  • VTOL: No runway or recovery equipment required
  • Self-launch, self-land
  • Payload 15 lbs
  • One-person operation
  • Autonomous in complex environments
  • Modular: UPS transportable; fits in medium-sized Pelican* case
  • Interchangeable system components — no tools required
  • Speed 70 kts
  • Rapid climb 850 ft/minute with full battery
  • Crosswinds 40 knots
  • Stable hover, no stall speed

DP-6XT Whisper: Overview

The DP-6XT Whisper is a small, autonomous, electric tandem UAV that can be transported and operated by one person.  The VTOL UAV is nearly silent and virtually maintenance free due to its electric drive system. It is designed for precision, nap-of-earth flight, with stable hover and low look angles. A small, powerful UAV, the Whisper can carry up to 15 lbs payload, such as sensors, cameras, and other payloads. The Whisper maximizes payload while remaining within the non-regulated 50 lbs gross weight limit.

Endurance with typical payloads:

  • 15 lbs payload for 30 minutes
  • 2.2 lbs payload for 1 hour

You can recharge batteries in 15 minutes or swap batteries in about 3 minutes. You can also tether the Whisper above a ground power source for uninterrupted 24/7 operation.

The Whisper can provide a mobile ad hoc WiFi network or close range stabilized imagery. Compatible with a wide range of payloads, the Whisper provides superior situational awareness during mobile operations in complex terrain.

The DP-6XT Whisper is military proven, and now available for industry.

DP-6XT Whisper: Features

User Features

  • User-friendly waypoint navigation
  • Simple, one-person operation
  • Deploy in 15 minutes
  • Swap batteries out in about 3 minutes or recharge in about 15 minutes


Launch and Recovery Features

  • Autonomous self-launch and self-recovery
  • VTOL — no runway, launcher, or recovery equipment required
  • Deploy from unprepared sites, small clearings, fallow fields, roadways, street corners, roof tops, icy roads, etc.


Configuration Features

  • Modular: Fits in mid-sized Pelican* case, is UPS*-transportable
  • Interchangeable system components — no tools required
  • Field changeable: no tools required


Payload Features

  • External hard points for wide range of payloads
  • Directional microphone and speaker
  • EO/IR day or night with 3-axis stabilization with laser illuminator
  • High bandwidth encrypted comm link
  • Endurance with typical payloads:
    – 15 lbs payload for 30 minutes
    – 2.2 lbs payload for 1 hour


Operational Features

  • Precision control via autonomous flight path programming.
  • NOE (Nap of earth) flight even in complex terrain, such as jungle, mountain, forest, and urban environments.
  • NLOS (Non-line-of-sight) flight, even in GPS-denied environments.
  • Autonomous operation, including self-launch and self-recover in unprepared sites.
  • Small profile: Small and quiet, to be less disruptive to livestock and wildlife.

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DP-6XT Whisper: Specifications

DP-6XT Whisper Specifications
Physical Size
   Length 5.9 ft
   Height 2.5 ft
   Width 1.6 ft
   Rotor Diameter 6.6 ft
Weight 50 lbs gross weight
Useful Payload 15 lbs
Typical Endurance 2.2 lbs for 1.0 hour @ SL 95F
15.0 lbs for 0.5 hours @ SL 95F
Flight Performance
   Speed 70 kts
   Climb Rate 850 ft per minute on full battery
   Crosswinds 40 kts
   TO/Land Autonomous self-launch, self-land
   VTOL Yes
   Altitude 15,000 ft ASL operation
Tethered Performance 200 ft tether
24-hour hover tethered to ground power

DP-6XT Whisper: Downloads

DP-6XT Whisper Product Flyer

DPI Wildfire Life & Safety Product Flyer

DP-6XT Whisper: Photo Gallery