DPI Swift

dp-16-diagram-full“Following” Comm Relay for Boats and Vehicles

With a moving platform below, the six rotor motors are redundant in order to maximize reliability. By overlapping the upper and lower rotors, DPI UAV Systems takes advantage of an additive lift effect and can minimize the rotors’ size. This reduces both the visual and acoustic profile.

The DPI Swift is a small, intelligent, tethered UAV that flies up to 500 feet above its vehicle (boat, truck, etc.). Unlike other tethered UAVs, the DPI Swift is intelligent, autonomous and capable of maintaining airspeed.

Land on moving platforms: With advanced object recognition and obstacle avoidance technology, the Seagull can land on pitching, heaving, and rolling platforms, as well as traveling platforms.


Unlimited endurance

One-man operation

Sea state 4

No launch/recovery equipment required

Stable hover in winds up to 40 kts

Rapid, agile tethered flight

Match USV maneuvers at 30 kts

Autonomous flight minimizes tether drag

Autonomous operation, including self-launch and self-recover from a moving platform

Onboard computer for autonomous avionics and payload processing

Secure, encrypted communications via comm line in the tether

Small profile: Small acoustic and visual profile

Fits in a standard pickup truck bed or Humvee bed

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