UAV and Component Design

DPI has been designing and building reliable, autonomous unmanned helicopters since 1991. DPI can also design, build and test your UAV and/or components. Our aircraft and component design services include aero performance, structural design, electrical system design, and automation.

We provide a cost-effective solution for our clients and work extensively with subsystem vendors, designers, and specialty shops.

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DP-12 Rhino. The DP-12 Rhino is a small, rugged, autonomous UAV designed to carry multiple payloads over long distances. The DP-12 delivers precision control, stable hover, nap-of-earth flight, and secure communications.


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Prototype: DP-14 Hawk

The DP-14 Hawk is an intelligent, autonomous aerial resupply vehicle. With an advanced tandem design, the Hawk provides agile maneuvering, vertical take-off and landing, and sustained hover.

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The Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay (UMAR) is a tethered UAV that flies up to 500 feet above the moving host platform.

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Legacy System: DP-5X Wasp. 

The DP-5X Wasp is a small, powerful, autonomous VTOL UAV. It carries payloads of up to 100 lbs for 4.8 hours. The Wasp is designed for precision control, stable hover, and nap-of-earth flight in complex environments such as jungle, forest, rugged mountains, and urban settings.

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Legacy System: DP-6XT Whisper 

The DP-6XT Whisper is a small, autonomous, electric tandem UAV that can be transported and operated by one person. The VTOL UAV is nearly silent and virtually maintenance free due to its electric drive system.

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