Extensive experience in unmanned craft

DPI is the industry leader in small, rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and tethered UAS in the U.S. Our UAS have flown thousands of hours, are military-proven, and are now available for industry. With world-class engineering test and integration services, DPI is also uniquely suited to integrate advanced, intelligent, cutting-edge payloads into various UAS.


DP-12 Rhino Tandem Tactical UAV

DPI offers a family of advanced UAV that range from microUAV designed for precision photography, to tandem aerial resupply UAV capable of 400+ lbs payload. Our UAV are fast, agile, transportable, and autonomous VTOL aircraft — no runway or recovery equipment required. Small and powerful, they are designed to fly in real-world flight conditions, operate in complex terrain, and self-launch / self land in unprepared sites, such as small clearings, fallow fields, icy roads, even the bed of their own transport (such as a pick-up truck or utility trailer).

  • DP-14 Hawk
  • Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay (UMAR) Tethered UAS
  • DP-12 Rhino
  • DP-5X Wasp
  • DP-6 Whisper