DPI Products

DPI designs and builds custom UAS solutions for our customers. Our product lines span between free-flight tandem UAS, and tethered UAS. Tandem UAS provide high capacity cargo/logistics. Tethered UAS do not need a battery, and thus can fly indefinitely. Tethered UAS provide ISR, communications, and video for the military and security services.

The DPI Difference

DPI has been designing and building reliable, autonomous unmanned helicopters since 1992. Our professional and consistent experience provides clients with expert aircraft and component design services. These services include aerodynamic performance, structural design, electrical system design, and automation.

UAS Design & Test Services

DPI has extensive experience in unmanned aircraft. We have developed rigorous test processes, equipment, and facilities. DPI is uniquely positioned to provide rapid, robust, cost-effective engineering design, prototyping, and test for UAVs.

Payload Integration

DPI integrates customer-specific payloads effectively and with the precision, software, electrical, mechanical, shielding, and dampening required for optimum performance. This is necessary for payloads with cutting-edge capabilities.